A MAGA cap, Caesar & Hyper-Depreciation in failed online orders

It shouldn’t be a surprise what people buy online these days, so it stands to reason that when processing undelivered orders, there’s an interesting mix that comes across our grading stations.

Amongst the thousands of items processed in our Netherlands facility this weekend, these turned up. (No, we don’t know how an antique bust doesn’t get delivered either)

Both were sent internationally into Europe at around the same time and because of the logistics systems in place, it has taken a few months for these items to reach our facility. 

Since originally sold, one has suffered a 95% drop in buyer demand and 80% price drop for a new one, the other will not have depreciated at all. No prizes for guessing which one which will struggle to resell.

A simple truth for any domestic and cross border retailers, whether on marketplaces or d2c from your own webstore – a fast in-market return, grading and optimised recommerce plan will generate far higher net revenues than a slower one, is operationally more efficient and creates less CO2 emissions.

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