RMX Recommerce to Launch Return Innovation Centre and new Return Recommerce Hub in Netherlands

RMX Recommerce – the Recommerce Solution Provider, has announced plans to launch, in Spring 2022, a dedicated Returns Innovation Centre and Recommerce Hub in Roermond, Netherlands – announced CEO Ben Whitaker.

“Increasingly, retailers and logistics companies are starting to recognise the need for an agile, data-driven return grading and recommerce solution at the heart of their return processes.

Many retailers sacrifice between 30 – 80% of the potential resale value of returned items, because they use inflexible grading solutions that do not assess the condition of their brand or items, based on their resale potential. In the worst case, this results in saleable items ultimately being dumped into recycling or landfill.

At a time when retailers are under ever-increasing pressure to increase sales, optimise margins and also become more sustainable, a simplified process for every item is no longer appropriate.

Located in the heart of Europe, near the strategic logistics hub of Venlo, our innovation centre, will give us dedicated facilities to further develop improved, brand-specific grading and recommerce solutions for clients to ensure their returned items are given the best possible chance to be resold or reused at the highest value, in the shortest possible time, in the market in which they have been sold” said Ben Whitaker.

The Return Innovation Centre will be opened in May 2022, in partnership with Neacon Services BV – the process automation specialist and Blue Banana Logistics BV, who will provide facilities and handling.

Our Recommerce Hub, headed by Huub Van Hal who also joins Reconomx, will open simultaneously, to provide return processing and recommerce services to domestic and international e-commerce retailers looking to sell in the EU market.

For more information, contact:, +44 7785 918319

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