Resale Booms – RMX announces launch of Trade In & Buy Back Solution

The boom in the growth of the resale economy shows no sign of slowing, with experts claiming growth at 11 times the rate of standard retail.

Until now many Retailers and Brands have been nervous about how to enter the market, citing a lack of technology, data and qualified people internally.

RMX Buy Back will fully launch in Summer 23, a solution to bridge the gap, enabling retailers and brands to deliver buy back, trade-in solutions online and in store.

Contracts have been signed with a major retailer, with a soft launch in progress.

Ben Whitaker – RMX CEO said “Our aim is quite simple – to increase the reuse, resale and recycling of inventory for our clients”

“Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) resale is a great way for retailers and brands to own more of their secondary market, control the brand experience, increase customer loyalty, grow LTV and become more sustainable”

“To offer CPO, you need a great buy back solution..which is what we have built”

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